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Category Archives: Driving Safety


Night Driving

By Marianne Howanitz, P.A. |

Plenty of us dislike driving at night. High beams shining in your eyes are an annoyance and dangerous. Fatalities on the road occur at a rate three times greater at night than during the day, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While only a quarter of all driving is done at night,… Read More »

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Roundabout Roulette

By Marianne Howanitz, P.A. |

How do you feel about driving roundabouts? I know there was a lot of initial opposition to the new roundabouts on Fort King here in Ocala a while ago, but after a bit a research on the subject, I found out a few things that I didn’t know about them and thought you might… Read More »

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The Secret to Driving in the Rain

By Marianne Howanitz, P.A. |

Florida is in the middle of daily monsoons and driving is difficult when you can hardly see two feet in front of you. We do not always drive in ideal conditions. Heavy rains, thunderstorms, and flood conditions make for difficult driving, and drivers must develop special skills for handling these conditions. Here is some… Read More »

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Road Trip To-Dos For A Safe Trip

By Marianne Howanitz, P.A. |

Getting ready for that long-awaited road trip to a great vacation? Along with finding that perfect bathing suit and downloading the perfect playlist, you should also be preparing your car for the trip. Tires are an important part of your car’s safety and tire blowout season begins in the middle of May and runs… Read More »

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