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Ocala Child Injury Lawyer

Bumps and bruises are a fact of life for children, but some injuries can cause permanent damage and disability, affecting an individual’s entire life. When a child is injured due to the negligence or recklessness of another, compensation should be made by the at-fault party. At Marianne Howanitz, P.A., our Ocala child injury lawyers provide caring and compassionate representation in personal injury claims involving children. At the same time, these are some of the cases we are most vehement about winning because if anyone deserves fair compensation for personal injuries, it’s children—the most innocent victims of all.

Types of Child Injuries & Accidents

As an advocate for injured children and their parents or guardians, Marianne Howanitz is thorough, sensitive, and sincere. Often, it’s difficult for children to articulate the details regarding an accident and the circumstances surrounding their injuries. You need an attorney who your child feels comfortable with, but who, at the same time, will handle your case seriously and aggressively. Ms. Howanitz excels at communicating with children (she is the mother of twin boys herself), and building detailed, persuasive injury claims that get results.

Marianne Howanitz, P.A. is proud to represent children and their families in personal injury cases involving:

  • Playground Injuries
  • Dog Bites
  • Pool Accidents
  • Drowning Accidents
  • Dangerous Products
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Day Care Injuries
  • Amusement Park Injuries
  • Negligent Supervision
  • Attractive Nuisances

Some of the most common injuries to children can be linked to attractive nuisances. An attractive nuisance is something that is so interesting that it would entice a child into entering another’s property. For example, swimming pools, fountains, dirt piles, machinery, wells, and dangerous animals may all be considered attractive nuisances. Ms. Howanitz has experience handling attractive nuisance cases, including claims involving dog bite injuries and drowning accidents, and is adept at showing how property owners fail to protect children from hazards.

Playground Injuries

As a parent or guardian, you want to be able to trust your child’s playground is a safe place. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Every year, many thousands of children are injured, some seriously, in public and school play areas. In fact, a survey by the National Program for Playground Safety found that more than 200,000 children per year experience playground injuries severe enough to require a trip to the emergency room. Fractures are the most common injury, followed by lacerations, abrasions, and sprains and strains. Falls to the playground surface were involved in nearly 80% of all injuries. Among children ages 5 to 15, the most common injuries occurred when climbing on equipment and swings.

Make no doubt about it, when a child is injured in a playground accident, the road to recovery is no walk in the park. Marianne Howanitz, P.A. knows the defenses claimed in these cases and looks at all the factors involved, from poor construction to lack of maintenance to inadequate safety efforts, to obtain maximum recoveries for her clients.

If Your Child Has Sustained a Preventable Injury, Contact Us Today

When your child gets hurt, you need to focus on taking care of your child. Let us handle any legal claims you may have against the parties responsible for your child’s injuries. To schedule a free initial consultation with Ms. Howanitz, please contact our office today.

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