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Ocala Truck Accident Lawyer

We’ve all heard stories—on the news, around the water cooler, online—of what can happen when a large truck collides with a passenger vehicle. Because of their sheer size and weight, a semi-truck or 18-wheeler can cause incredible damage to smaller cars. But for many individuals and families, truck accidents are not just stories, they’re horrific real-life events. Each year, big trucks are involved in accidents that cause approximately 5,000 fatalities and 130,000 injuries. Often these accidents are the result of negligent trucking safety or driving law violations. At Marianne Howanitz, P.A., our Ocala truck accident lawyers focus on this part of the narrative and hold truck drivers, trucking companies, and truck manufacturers responsible for the harm they cause.

Truck Accident Causes & Cases

Attorney Marianne Howanitz is knowledgeable and experienced in nearly every type of trucking accident possible, from jackknife accidents to rollover crashes to underride and override accidents. She can assess with confidence whether the truck involved in your accident had defective parts or inadequate maintenance, as well as whether truck driver carelessness or misconduct—such as drinking or drug use, fatigue, or speeding—caused or contributed to your accident. When filing a truck accident claim, complete and expedient investigation is critical, and Ms. Howanitz is up to the task.

Marianne Howanitz, P.A. is prepared to handle truck accident injury claims involving:

  • Driver Fatigue
  • Truck Speeding Accidents
  • Distracted Driving
  • Cellphone Use & Texting
  • Unsafe Truck Driving Practices
  • Improper Lane Changing
  • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol
  • Improper Truck Maintenance
  • Overweight & Overloaded Trucks
  • Inadequate Rear or Side Underride Protection
  • Lack of Proper Training
  • Truck Equipment Failure
  • Third Party Truck Repairs

Florida and federal regulations often come into play in a truck collision. Truck accident cases also can be complicated because the truck, trailer, and contents can be owned by different companies and operated by yet other independent companies. For these reasons, it’s imperative that you work with a Florida truck accident attorney who is skilled in this area of litigation. Ms. Howanitz has been on the National Advisory Board of the Association of Plaintiff’s Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America (APITLA), and speaks to other attorneys around the nation on this very complex area of the law.

Talk to a Trusted Authority on Truck Accident Law

Since 2003, Marianne Howanitz has focused on representing people in truck accident cases and other personal injury and wrongful death claims. Particularly in the area of truck accidents, it is important to hire an attorney with the experience to find out who can be held legally liable for truck accident injuries and damages. Equally important to you and your family is to work with an attorney who truly cares about your wellbeing and recovery. At Marianne Howanitz, P.A., we are aggressive and compassionate when pursuing our clients’ claims, leaving no stone unturned or call unanswered over the course of providing vigorous legal representation. Please contact our Ocala truck accident lawyers today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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