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“True Advocate”

Marianne and her staff are awesome! Stephanie makes fantastic coffee/cappuccino to get you started. Cory helps answer the phones and is a sweetheart and very respectful! April is very thorough and helpful when putting all important matters together. Last, but not least, Marianne is a true advocate of justice for the people! When she saw the pics of my car from my accident, she didn’t hesitate to take my case. She is very confident in what she does to help people with their case and has an exemplar work ethic. I admire her traits of justice, she puts them foremost in what she does. Thank you very much, Marianne for helping me in this scary episode of my simplistic life. I pray that I never experience this again, but if I do or know someone who does, you will be the one I highly recommend! -Tammara Dunfee

Compassionate, Caring

Marianne and her staff, including April Baxter, are hands down some of the most brilliant women I’ve ever known. Compassionate, caring and just, thorough and calculating, patient and personable. The experience that Marianne and her team brings to the table is the experience you want on your side. You can have complete confidence that this team takes the time to do the right thing always and will not only fight for you, they will support you through it. The take Counselor to a whole new level. -Lacey Gardner


Marianne Howanitz and her dedicated team go above and beyond to right the wrongs that befall her clients. She’s the only attorney that I know personally that you can reach on her cell phone at any time. This says a lot about her commitment to her clients. She’s definitely the attorney you can swear by, but not at! -Carlo Knight


Marianne and her team are Excellent at what they do. I felt so comfortable trusting them to represent me, while I could heal from my car accident. Always professional with a caring touch. I actually spoke directly with Marianne, as my personal Advocate. I’ve heard stories from friends- that with other law firms they didn’t even hear from their lawyer, just a staffer. I highly recommend working local with Marianne, you’ll get the results you need. -Jeanine Ordway


Marianne is one of the good guys. She believes in what she does and is passionate about her clients. Give her a call and work with an Attorney you can trust! -Patrick Harlow


Very experienced and knowledgeable about the law and her abilities to fight for you! -Dorienne Kriegstein

Thank you a “million”!!

Marianne Howanitz and April together make such a great team! They were always there for me and when I needed them they called me to make sure I was okay. They were always going that extra mile to get me taken care of. I couldn’t of ask for two better people to take my case and have my back in time of need. I will recommend them to anyone that needs a awesome Attorney-she will be the one. Also thank you both very much Marianne and April, you both are the best and you’re changing people’s lives every day, like you’ve done mine, for fighting for them. I greatly appreciate you and what you’re doing and thank you a million!!!!!!!!! -Tim Sullivan

She really listened!

After the accident we were shaken and worried about how to proceed. We don’t know the law. We were afraid we would be left in a terrible situation. Thankfully a friend told us to call the team at Marianne Howanitz, PA and we are SO glad we did. We felt like we received personal one on one attention. The paralegal that we worked with, April Baxter is extremely knowledgeable. She was always so patient and kind. She really listened. She always answered our texts, emails, concerns and questions with wisdom. It was so comforting to know we had such a great team on our side with knowledge of how the law works. Thank you for everything! -Gabriel Hernandez

You did an unbelievable job

Dear Marianne,

I just want to take a minute and thank you for all you did for Emily and our family. It was a year ago this April when Emily was in her car accident. As you know during that time I was totally focused on Emily and her injuries. It was hard for me to think straight about anything. A week or so goes by and I am faced with the realization that we needed an accident lawyer. When my friend and neighbor, Dotty Sims recommended you to me, I though, oh how perfect!! I loved how the puzzle was going together.

When I met you, I liked you right away. I knew you would do what you could for us. It felt so good to just put that problem in your hands, because I had another job to do and that was to look after Emily…

Months went by and you worked hard on all of Emily’s benefits. Emily was recovering from Traumatic Brain Injury. They had to shave her head to do a procedure to relieve pressure from her brain. At 17 years of age that was a hard part for her. She had very long blonde hair before the accident. But, month by month I could see the difference. She is walking and talking and very close to being that 17 year old I used to have a year ago. Emily was coming back. We worked hard on getting her back in school for a short time each day. And her hair started to grow back.

Last Tuesday we went to the judge’s chambers to settle this insurance case. It is unbelievable that with such a huge hospital bill that you were able to get them to settle for a very small amount. With all the insurance you found that we had, there was still some money left over for Emily’s benefit. You did an unbelievable job. Emily was so interested in how lawyers do what they do. You just were such a wonderful mentor and gave your time to explain everything to her… I mean everything, even twice. (She has short term memory loss). You made a huge impression on her. Who knows, because of you, she might become a lawyer one day.

I want to thank you for making this experience a positive experience. Thanks for just handling everything. I could not be happier with our outcome with the settlement. I feel like I have gotten a great new friend from this. You were so personable to us. And again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Proud to be Emily’s mom,
Nancy Langlois


I would recommend Marianne Howanitz to everyone!

Dear Ms. Howanitz and Staff,

Over the life of my case; I spent almost 6 years with Marianne and her team and I cannot say enough good things about this experience. I would recommend Marianne to everyone who has been put in the position of “being in the wrong place at the wrong time” and her professionalism and patience are endless. Marianne is definitely the one you want on your side when you need someone to fight for you and prevail. Stephanie and Dawn, who are part of her team, are gems and I thank them all for helping me through this journey. -Melinda Freeman

You exceeded my wildest expectations

Dear Ms. Howanitz & Staff,

I did not know what to expect when I retained you to represent me in my auto accident case. You exceeded my wildest expectations, not only in the amount you recovered for me, but in your knowledge of the insurance industry, the Medicare system, and the in’s and out’s of negotiations.

Your frequent updates on the status of my case were extremely professional and were appreciated by me and my wife.

I certainly would recommend you to anyone in need of a good attorney. You have my permission to use me as a reference.

Thank you,
Dominic Paravano

Excellent, knowledgeable, and articulate

To Whom It May Concern,

It is with great pleasure that I present this law firm with my recommendation.

I had the misfortune of being in need of legal assistance after losing my husband in 2005. I believe the work done by Marianne Reich Howanitz, PA to be conducted with a far and honest mind set. Mrs. Howanitz had a strong sense of what was best for my family and stayed focused on what we were trying to achieve. In short, Marianne Reich Howanitz: Attorney at Law will give you strong, powerful, representation and it will be done respectfully, honestly, and fairly; with honor, decency, and integrity.

As well, I was quite pleased with her responsiveness to my needs and it is because of how well and sincerely Mrs. Howanitz handled my case that I will return to this law firm for further guidance.

Marianne Reich Howanitz, PA is an excellent, knowledgeable, and articulate attorney who serves her clients in a very poised, polished, and professional manner.

Should you require anything further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Doris A. Felton

Your hard work is certainly appreciated

To Marianne and Christina,

Patrick and I just wanted to thank you both and anyone else involved in assisting us in getting some sort of compensation for the pain and inconvenience caused by the accident. Your hard work is certainly appreciated and we will certainly tell anyone in need of a good attorney to give you guys a call. No one in their right mind enjoys this sort of process, bur your office took the stress and worry out of it completely and in a timely manner. Thank you again. -Patrick and Kimberley Combs

They all genuinely cared

Marianne Howanitz is one of the nicest, down to earth professionals I have ever met. Her staff is kind & courteous, they all genuinely cared about making sure all of my needs were met and to get me better after such a terrible accident! I would recommend Marianne Howanitz to everyone. She truly made my unfortunate situation much easier & helped me more than I could have imagined! Thank you so much!! -Shayla M

Handled the case quickly and efficiently

Marianne handled the case quickly and efficiently. Marianne’s service sense and attention to detail are beyond reproach. I would recommend Marianne to my family, friends and coworkers each and every time.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity -Raymond Andrews

Takes care of clients from beginning to end

I do not hesitate to refer clients to Marianne. I know she will take care of her clients from beginning to end. Not only is she compassionate but she also has excellent litigation skills.

Elizabeth Stakenborg
Stakenborg Law

She is positive, ethical and very straight forward

Marianne is the consummate professional. She personally takes care of every client from beginning to end. She is positive, ethical and very straight forward regarding her practice. I have sent clients to her and have no reservations referring Marianne to anyone. I know she will take the best care with anyone she works with. -Jeff Zysek, MBA

Fierce to your defense

Marianne is excellent if you have had an accident and are in need of representation. She is compassionate with the client and fierce to your defense. I highly recommend her for an accident claim. -Marti McCurdy

Puts her clients above all

Marianne is helpful and very knowledgeable when it comes to defending your rights as a victim. She’s a very talented attorney who puts her clients above all first. I would not hesitate to recommend Marianne to friends and family. -David English

Understanding of our concerns

My wife and I have used Marianne’s legal services in the recent past. She was not only results oriented, but also understanding of our concerns. We were so impressed that when the opportunity arose to do so, we did not hesitate to refer her to a close personal friend.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity -Mike Story

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