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Who can be sued in a Florida truck accident case?

In a Florida truck accident case, it’s very important that you consult with a experienced trucking lawyer. The reason is there are many people that can be sued and held responsible for your injuries and damages. An example would be this: if the truck driver is in the course and scope of his employment with a trucking company, the trucking company can be sued. If the tractor is owned by another entity, that entity can be sued. If the trailer is involved in the crash and it’s owned by a separate entity, that entity may be able to be sued. You had mechanical issues, if that plays a part, those people may be sued. And finally, there are logistics companies that give directions to trucking companies and truck drivers to get goods from point A to point B. Those logistics companies as well as the carriers who put their goods in the truck, they can all be responsible. So these are very complex cases and I would advise that you seek counsel from an attorney.

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