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What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

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Civil Wrongful Death Lawsuits Can Be Filed In Florida By The Family Members Of An Individual Who Died As The Result Of Someone Else’s Negligence. It Is Mandatory That The Death Occurred As A Result Of Someone Else’s Fault. In A Wrongful Death Lawsuit, Florida Law Mandates That A Cause Of Action Must Be Brought Within Two (2) Years Rather Than Four (4) As In A Personal Injury Case. If A Loved One Has Passed Away Due To The Negligence Or Carelessness Of Another, Do Not Delay, Call Now. I Can Help You.

Wrongful Death Cases In Florida

The State Of Florida Records A Large Number Of Personal Injury Accidents Every Year And A Significant Percentage Of These Are Accidental Deaths. Some Of The Most Common Causes Of Wrongful Death Are Vehicle Accidents That Result In One Or More Fatalities. Car Accidents Are A Leading Cause Of Death Throughout The State.

Driver Negligence Is An Important Element In All Vehicle Accidents Including Drunk Driving Or Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs, Reckless Driving And Even Drowsy Driving.

Other Causes For Wrongful Death Accidents In Florida Include Accidents That Involve Semi-Trucks Or Commercial Vehicles, Machinery-Related Accidents, Toxic Exposure Or Fire Deaths. Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Is Another Example, Including Surgical Errors, Failure To Diagnose Or Failure To Provide The Needed/Adequate Treatment.

The Burden Of Proof (The Need To Show That The Other Driver, Person Or Entity Was Negligent) Falls On The Plaintiff And In Wrongful Death Claims, Is Brought By The Personal Representative Of The Estate Of The Deceased Person.

Compensation In Wrongful Death Cases

The Types Of Compensation Awarded In Wrongful Death Cases Are Monetary And Include Medical And Burial Expenses. Survivors Are Also Entitled To Compensation For Non-Economic Damages Such As Loss Of Support, Services, Companionship And Protection As Well As Mental Pain And Suffering.

Do You Know Someone Who Recently Lost A Family Member Due To Wrongful Death? Remember That Time Is Of The Essence And Even Though The Family Is Grieving And It May Be The Last Thing On Their Mind, You Could Help By Getting In Contact With Us So We May Begin Preserving Evidence And Preparing Their Case. The Loss Of A Loved One Is Difficult And While I Can’t Ease Their Sorrow, I Can Help Them Find Justice!

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